Executive Search

Greg M. Prothman and GMP consultants have conducted hundreds of successful national and regional executive searches. We believe in offering solutions that best meet the needs of our clients.

Types of Executive Searches

Full Recruitment

We assist you with all elements of the search and provide a one-year guarantee.  We recommend this option for high profile or difficult searches.

Partial Recruitment

We assist you with candidate sourcing and screening and provide you with the top four to six finalist candidates for you to interview.  We provide reference and background checks on your selected candidate and offer a one-year guarantee.

Sourcing Recruitment

We assist you with the difficult job of finding candidates through an aggressive sourcing effort. We provide reference and background checks on your selected candidate.

Our Proven Process

We work closely with both clients and candidates through every stage of the recruitment process to create a welcoming candidate experience, build lasting relationships, and ensure an effective recruitment outcome.

Project Design

We meet with you to review project needs, process, schedule, and identify the scope of the recruiting market. Our goal is to thoroughly understand your organization, current challenges, timeline, and preferred qualifications for this recruitment.  

Reruitment Profile Development

We create a custom recruitment profile highlighting the strengths of your job opportunity and community, as well as your unique needs.

Strategic Marketing

We develop a regional or national advertising strategy, employing recruitment strategies designed to encourage competitive applicants from diverse backgrounds and experiences. This strategy includes personal outreach to potential candidates.

Candidate Screening

We review all candidate application materials and interview the most promising candidates, providing written observations. We work with you to help assess organizational fit and provide a detailed compilation of finalist candidate information, including thorough reference and background checks.  

Final Interviews & Selection

We help you decide on the structure and schedule of finals interviews, including your budget for travel expenses, tailoring the process to fit your needs. We facilitate a debrief and evaluation process, help the decision makers come to consensus, discuss next steps, and organize any additional candidate referencing or research if needed. 

Candidate Appointment

We facilitate potential contract elements and assist as needed with the job offer, contract negotiations, and employment agreement. Each search comes with a one-year guarantee.

Past Search Client Lists